I am Yas Sharif Dominguez, CEO and Founder of Yas life coach, a new coaching concept. Throughout my life I came to coach and inspire several people in Europe and the United States, not only as a physical coach, but also as a transformational coach.

Yas Sharif I, myself have gone through several deep transformations and I’ve acquired a profound interest, therefore, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from reading many books, attending conferences and living in different countries while studying.

One of the major transformations that I have experienced myself was to turn my law studies from Spain into the physical coaching that I have been doing for years. I chose it because it applied to one of my major passions. Growing up my grandmother taught me that. At sometime of your life you have to ask yourself if it is worth living a full life.

I am interested in mental power, psychology, and, of course, the power of actions that are guided with the right emotion and motivation. The coaching sessions help the client to create the results that they want in their life or career. I might coach a client once a week, understanding their needs and goals and advising them on the right steps to take in their life. Coaching is different from psychology, therapy, and counseling in that the focus is not on exploring the past or coping with the future.

Instead the focus is on creating greater results and a better quality of life, right where you are at this moment. In the coaching sessions the focus will be on using the brain for perpetual goal achievement and getting closer to our true and best potential as individuals. We all have it; we just need the tools to discover it. Take action and don’t wait for your life to pass by in front of you.

Let’s make it happen!