Yas life coach will participate in The Healing Arts Festival & Market on Sun, December 2, 2018, with a PERSONAL GROWTH TALK!

The Healing Arts Festival and Market is the largest event of it's kind in San Antonio, showcasing Texas' finest Healing Arts Practitioners and Craft Artisans.

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Everyone is welcome!

The Healing Arts Festival & Market !!
Hilton Garden Inn
8101 Pat Booker Rd.
11am to 6pm
Free admission & parking!


         As individuals of the LGBTQ community we have been through experiences in the past that are defining who we are in the present. Social conditioning, their limiting beliefs, our past traumatic experiences…

Many of us get stuck in limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks that makes us live life in a very limiting way. This causes us to attract unhealthy relationships, not really love ourselves, hiding our really true personality or feeling like we are disconnected from emotions or our own body.

As a consequence, life feels like a struggle and the only way you get rid of that sensation is by not feeling what your body and soul has to tell you. All this causes depression, sadness and dissatisfaction with our everyday life.

How can Life Coaching help?

        Life coaching is partnering with clients to help them to make better decisions, to see life through a new paradigm and to be helped to clear up unresolved issues.
It all can change when you realize that you are perfect and that your everyday can be created and feel great if you start thinking and perceiving life in a different way. You define your perfect today and future. That is how life is supposed to be!

        Redefining yourself and how you perceived reality changes what you are able to create and attract in your life. All that will ultimately make you feel more alive. You can train your mind with renew your thoughts to love yourself more, start being a creator of your greatness. Ultimately to start perceiving your reality with other eyes to live with more self love more expansion, freedom and joy.
Those can translate in things like: attracting your dream partner, your ideal job or finding peace of mind. And when you are in that state of awareness, serendipity just happens. That is the unexpected good luck in finding valuable things unintentionally. Being Gay just means being happy!


first step

Get your first session for start up

second step

Complete your personal program recommended

third step

You are now ready to work on their own to maintain their success


Please use the contact form provided to give a description of your circumstances. Once I receive this information, I will send you an email explaining the sessions in depth. The following step is to set up a date and time to start the sessions. I will provide Skype contact information to have a video call if necessary.
After establishing the date, you have to pay the first session 24 hours before the start of the session.

You can pay choosing one of the following options:

Telephone Email Skype In person Buy Package
$ 70 $ 15 $ 70 $ 85 $ 200 (4 Sessions)
Duration: 60 minutes Price per session Duration: 60 minutes Duration: 60 minutes Duration: 60 minutes/each
Free call It can be anonymous Price per session Price per session Price 4 sessions
Accomodating your schedule Email exchange Skype installation required Austin and San Antonio only It expires in 1 year
Pay in person
An account number that you can request by info@yaslifecoach.com and confirmation of the completion of the transfer will be necessary


"Let me help you find a better you that you are yet to meet."