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    Are you living life choosing what you want to live? Living in automatic pilot? Being your true you and true to yourself? At the end of our lives is when we really meet the truth of how proud of our lives we are or not. More than ten years back, I have researched and experimented with numerous systems of meditation, personal growth and spiritual attraction methods. I struggled to find my career and ideal expression of myself as any other individual. I studied in the University of Law in Spain until 2008, I was guided by other people’s perception of success and career. I came to the United States and then pursue a new education that was more align with my innate passion and true self. I have been giving advice to many people from different countries while living in Europe and United States.


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  •   "Yas is definitely more than a personal trainer; he is someone who inspires you, who motivates you to achieve your goals in every sense of the word. I recommend him because I know who he is and he has all of the elements to help you. Life and destiny led me to Yas, not only is he my personal trainer, he is a marvelous human being and now a friend forever."

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    Polo Bustos
  •   "I´ve tried several trainers with no good results so I ended training by myself , those muscular divas are more interested on how they look than my myself, my goals and health. Until I met Yas, training with him has been so far a must. He´s always aware of every single move I do so I don´t hurt myself. And the results are there, more muscle mass, I´ve lost fat and I look much better than expected. Thanks Yas."

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    Carlos González